Lighthouse Christian Preparatory School

  Home of the Soaring Eagles

Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Lighthouse Christian Preparatory School is a coeducational facility for grades 6-12. The mission of LCPS is to assist families in the Christian training of their children through academic, spiritual, social, and developmental contexts. Our goal is to help every child in our care make the best of their God given talents and abilities, to challenge themselves, to achieve beyond their expectations, and be prepared to live a fruitful life.

Our Philosophy

We believe that God spoke and made our existence possible to shelter our children from worldly, destructive influences. As such, we are a meeting place for those who wish to grow in Christian attitudes and values. Through affirming the worth and dignity of each individual, we seek to nurture and prepare our students to take their respective places in the community as responsible Christians. Within this supportive environment, our students are not only challenged in their creative and intellectual abilities, but also challenged to become capable of making decisions in a life of service and witness to the testimony of Jesus Christ. The parents are supported as the primary educators in the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, and cultural development of students. Parents, in turn, are to be supporters of the school in securing and maintaining adequate facilities and resources. The development of students is encouraged by structuring an educational climate that promotes knowledge, personal growth, and self-discipline. LCPS is espoused to the ideology of a community in which obedience and respect for authority and mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual responsibility for others are lived examples for all. We stand, without apology, for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the highest standards of holiness, morality and Christian behavior. We embrace an outreach ministry to students in the surrounding community, but never to the detriment of our Christian identity. Attendance at LCPS is a privilege, not a right.